WARNING: Brand Culture Should Never Be Ignored!

2 years ago

It has been brought to my attention regarding the shortsightedness, of our comrades, to properly brand. It seems many czars, in positions of power, have failed in creation and distribution of propaganda to the appropriate parties. They seem to have taken it upon themselves to exclude a vital segment to whom they should address their propaganda–our employees. Remind me to execute these czars who failed the great cause–the brand.

Do I have to remind the rest of you comrades of the virtues of proper branding? The largest assets we have in our possession, for the cause, are our employee comrades. It is imperative we, first and foremost, indoctrinate our valued worker comrades into our fold. Let them be the echoing voices from our great halls to champion the cause of the party. If they are scattered in their hearts and minds, think what the people of our great nation will think. My fellow comrades, you and your children’s children do not want to be party to this travesty.

Going forward, all propaganda must be created with employees in mind. We must follow in the footsteps of great branding czars at Starbucks who, in 2008, closed every store to do an internal training for their employees. These czars understood clearly their mission, to make sure their employee knew what was expected from them and deliver a swift message of value to all employees.

Another strategically proper branding was propagated by British Petroleum when they merged with Amoco and Arco. They created a new logo for the new propaganda machine and appropriately distributed to both the consumers and employees simultaneously. This new direction, with the merger, was favored 76% by the comrades, because 80% were indoctrinated into the new brand values and message. The company comrades were equipped with the values and message to be lethal to their customers, with same vision and message to deploy. This is what I expect from you, my dear comrades.

Let this be the warning my beloved comrades! You don’t want to make the mistake United Airlines made back in 1996, when they released propaganda for their customers without the consideration of the employees, which created a backlash from dissatisfied employees. This greatly hurt the company, as the employees were not aligned with the campaign, which promised, “Come fly the friendly skies.” Are the comrades who made this mistake still walking amongst us? I hope not! So what does this all come down to my comrades? With branding, it’s vital that employees understand their value as well as the value of the company to be the unofficial spokesperson for your brands. Neglecting the internal propaganda distribution can be a devastating error that could cripple your company. Brand cohesion depends on both consumer & company comrades. Oh I forgot to mention, your life may depend on it was well. Well have a great productive day comrades.


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