Our manifesto

We are an agency of creative destruction for hire. Our team of fanatical design scientist, are ready  to formulate specific branding weaponary to conquer your target market and competition. We have spent over 15 years crafting our strategic techniques to develop branding that will annihilate any threat. We’ll hit them precisely where it counts, in the mind we’ll deprogram their propaganda and replace it with your branding. 

Axis of Evil Design knows your target audience, because we are your target market. A team of hungry fresh to experienced creative that are covertly immersed in consumerism of all brands. We will eat it, drink it, play it, ride it, wear it and brand it.

To us size doesn’t scare us! Whether you are David or Goliath, a start up or a seasoned company, we’ll work with you and you even more lethal to your competitors and a rockstar with your customers.

We look forward to becoming your creative agency with balls.

Food of the Week

Try some yummy Pho at Pho So 1 on Reseda near Sherman Way.


Just call him the GENERAL, in this battle for your customers attention we all need someone to call the shots, well partially. 🙂

The Team


Don’t let his smile fool you, Magdy is our covert Ninja. He will take out your competitors quicker than you can say “say whaaaat?”


Which of the twin assassins is he, we’re not sure either but he is one of our dangerous Art Directors kicking but and taking name tags.


Second piece of our dangerous weaponry, being twins make him more dangerous, we always have a back up plan.


He is our agent in training but no less lethal. Watch your back.